Books for your kids. Delivered Monthly.

Fun & Educational! Curated by a speech-language pathologist.


What is The Story Box?

Awesomeness in the form of book mail for kids!  Each month we send your child a special package that contains two children's books. We scour the literary world to find the best books for your littles. Each book must present good learning opportunities, and each book must be FUN for kids. All of our packages include two books per month, as well as a parent guide.

1. Parents subscribe.

Browse our website and find out which package is right for you.  Pick your package, pick your terms, and checkout.  You're done! 

2. Boxes arrive.

We'll read and review tons of children's books. We'll pick the very best ones and send them straight to your door each month.

3. Children thrive.

Your kids will be totally excited to receive fun book mail each month.  They'll enjoy quality time reading with you, and they'll learn too.

What's inside The Story Box?

Well, that depends on the package you choose!

The Board Books package is for ages 0-2½, and it includes two sturdy, board books per month.  

The Picture Books package is for ages 2½-6, and it includes two hardcover picture books per month.  

The Family Package is perfect for families with children in both age groups. You'll get one board book and one hardcover picture book each month.  

Oh!  You'll also love this. We include parent guides in our packages as well. These are full of tips that will help you use your new books to facilitate your child's speech, language, and pre-literacy skills. The tips are simple, practical, and easy to implement.

Pssst! We wanted to let you know...

There's one more really great thing you should know about The Story Box.  We purchase and donate books and other educational materials to benefit children with disabilities and children from low-income families.  Each and every subscriber helps us contribute to this cause.